Welcome to Latvia and the Baltics!

A secret gem Latvia

Over the last decade, more and more tourists have chosen Latvia as their destination – a small, charming country with beautiful sandy beaches, great weather, charming small towns, beautiful castles, manors and an attractive capital that is sometimes called the ‘Paris of the North’. You can find refreshing spa offers and rustic-chic restaurants for special feeling, for those who enjoy hiking and nature, Latvia is the perfect spot as, over 50% of the country consists of forests and it boasts 494 km of coastline. And that’s not all – this small country can amaze you with more than 2250 lakes and five times more rivers. Perfect for sailing away from the routine.

Come and enjoy 9 days tour in Latvia!

Day 1.
Arrival in the Riga airport and transfer to the centraly located 4 star hotel for 9 overnights.
Free time. Dinner will be on the ship, which combines a lot of things for you to feel pleasure
The Daugava river flows through the heart of Riga. Once an important trade route, it is now used purely for leisure craft and offers fantastic views of Riga and its skyline.