Welcome to Latvia and the Baltics!


Over the last decade, more and more tourists have chosen Latvia as their destination – a small, charming country with beautiful sandy beaches, great weather, charming small towns, beautiful castles, manors and an attractive capital that is sometimes called the ‘Paris of the North’. You can find refreshing spa offers and rustic-chic restaurants for special feeling, for those who enjoy hiking and nature, Latvia is the perfect spot as, over 50% of the country consists of forests and it boasts 494 km of coastline. And that’s not all – this small country can amaze you with more than 2250 lakes and five times more rivers. Perfect for sailing away from the routine.

Come and enjoy 9 days tour in Latvia!

Day 1.
Arrival in the Riga airport and transfer to the centraly located 4 star hotel for 9 overnights.
Free time. Dinner will be on the ship, which combines a lot of things for you to feel pleasure
The Daugava river flows through the heart of Riga. Once an important trade route, it is now used purely for leisure craft and offers fantastic views of Riga and its skyline.

Day tour Nr. 1.  Riga sightseeing tour through tales and legends

The best way to see Riga from a local’s perspective! This is our longest running tour and still a favourite among our customers. Great for those who like to know what is happening now, as well as learning a little about Riga’s past. Get to know about things to do in Riga, what’s on in Riga and much more besides.

Discover the other side of Riga. This eye-opening route takes you through the many different districts of Riga. Visit odd curiosities, strange markets and Riga’s wooden houses, enjoy Riga’s Art Nouveau masterpieces, jump from little boutiques and galleries to antique stores and funky little cafes, and of course catch up on stories past and present about this great city, from your guide- group leader.

We have put our Riga style on to a classical tour for you to enjoy. You will see the churches, you will get the town squares, you will get the dates and the numbers but you will also get the ghost stories, jokes, tales, odd legends and hidden gems that many miss in beautiful Old Riga

Take yourself back to the year 1201 and up to the present day on a pleasant historical journey through the old winding streets of Old Riga.

For many centuries now, Riga Cathedral has been one of the major venues of music events and concerts in Riga and Latvia. We invite you to visit our world known church, for “Concerto Piccolo”.

The Old City of Riga is where it all began; settlements existed here before the Christians came to smash away the Pagans and introduce their taxes on the local trade. The fortified settlement flourished and made many a merchant wealthy. Sailors came and went bringing goods and produce with them, and  the Old City passed from from one regional ruler to another. Hear their stories, the story of the people who made Riga.

Lunch today will be in the Tavern on the ancient Amber Way. In this house there have always lived soldiers so don`t be surprised if you hear steps or love whispers… If you don`t believe us, you should stay till midnight!

As in old times you`ll taste Latvian pies, black bread, honey, beer and many other Latvian traditional dishes and drinks which haven`t changed during centuries.

Day tour Nr. 2.
A visit to Sigulda and Cesis for the stunning nature of Gauja National Park

Sigulda is peaceful town located in the largest national park in Latvia and dotted with manor houses, castle ruins, caves and other sites of interest. Its position on steep valley of the Gauja river has lead to it being dubbed the “Switzerland of Latvia”. This is maybe one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia, being full of life in spring, when the cherry trees blossom, and ‘golden’ autumn, when the leaves of the trees change colour in dramatic fashion.

Cesis – One of Latvia’s finest medieval cities.

Full of cobbled streets, wooden houses and parks centred around Cesis castle ruins. Cēsis is a beautiful city, situated in the Gauja National Park, an hour and a half from Riga. The town draws many visitors who come to admire the romantic ruins of Cēsis castle, the immaculate parks, ancient churches, the caves and the stunning Gauja river cliffs, as well as take part in medieval festivals and open air opera events. It is a place where nature, adventure, history and culture come together. We will bring you closer to its history, from Cēsis’ beginnings as the stronghold of the Vendi tribe, through its period as the residence of the Grand Master of the Livonian Order right up to the city’s role in winning Latvian independence. Indeed, Cēsis is such a historically important city; it was here that the red and white banner, that would later become the Latvian flag, was first flown.

But it’s not all history, we’ll also show you the architectural and cultural highlights of this great city. If you are lucky you may even see some of Cēsis’s Black swans!

By far one of the nicest locations in Latvia, Cesis can be mixed with a visit to other locations in Vidzeme such as Ligatne and Sigulda, should you wish to have an extended day trip through out Latvia.

Day tour Nr.3.
A relaxing day exploring 7th century castle and Latvia’s famous seaside town

Jaunpils is one of the rare medieval castles, that has preserved its historical look. Castle was built in 1301. as Livonia Order fortress. The castle was bult by Livonia Order master Gotfrid fon Roga. More than 350 years the palace was inhabited by fon der Recke strain.  The picturesque landscape and social life folklore is a background for sideshows meant for tourists.

Together with monks, jesters, lords of manor and servants you will have possibility to become a real medieval hero. Everything will be romantic because it will happen at seven century old castle

Under the velvet ceiling, in one of the oldest parts of the Castle –the Knight’s dining hall, you will find the  Castle medieval tavern, where you can enjoy delicious fare by candlelight with the accompaniment of ancient musical tones..

Stunning beaches as well as some amazing architecture and beautiful nature on our Jurmala Tour.

Our Jurmala Sightseeing Tour is a tour full of contrasts. You’ll see the beautiful beach and walk the crowded pedestrian streets full with bars and cafes (and the odd oligarch).

We’ll also show you the other side of Jurmala, quiet tree lined streets, 100 year old wooden mansions and soviet era eyesores and stunning nature reserves.

During the Summer time, relax on the beach and take in the sun. In Autumn, marvel at the golden covered tress, Spring time brings a fresh breeze and in Winter, well if you are brave, then take in the white snow covered beaches and walk out onto a frozen body of water. Hear tales about Jurmala’s past residents and the people that live here today. Discover some of the most marvelous wooden architecture in Europe, dating back to Imperial Russian times..

At all times of the year Jurmala shows many sides and although typically a summer destination, it is a fine location to visit all year round. This tour is a great way to discover some natural beauty, fine architecture and to take in the atmosphere of Jurmala.

Day tour Nr.4.
Visit the pearl of Latvia and Bauska – Rundāle Palace

One of Latvia’s hidden gems, due to its difficult to reach location, is the Baroque palace of Rundale. Designed by the Italian architect, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, famous for the Hermitage and Peterhof in Russia, this is quite simply one of the most stunning buildings in the Baltic region, and makes a fantastic day trip from Riga.

Rundāle Palace was built as the summer residence for the Duke of Courland, Ernst Johann von Biron, by Rastrelli in the 1730’s. It served as a palace for various nobility up until the first world war, when it became a garrison for the German army. From then Rundale suffered, as it was used as a hospital, school and even for grain storage before becoming a museum in the 1970’s.
Rundale guide to lead you through the exhibitions.

There will be plenty of time to explore the palace and it’s beautiful gardens.

On the way back, there will be an opportunity to stop in one of the nearby towns for a coffee, and a bite to eat, as well as a chance to see a little bit of regional Latvia. The tour will take around 6 hours in total, so an early start is recommended.

Day tour Nr. 5.
Take a break from city life in Riga and travel to Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National park is a famous for its wildlife, sunrises and magical atmosphere. You will have the chance to take in the nature, look out for birds and revitalize yourselves in this area of natural beauty.
The Great Ķemeri Heaths nature trail was established in 2000, and it today it is the longest and most impressive path of swamp footbridges in Latvia. The circular path starts and ends at the same location. The aim of the path is to introduce visitors to swamp landscapes and to the flora and fauna of the area.

Kemeri National Park is  a great place for photographers and nature lovers. You can take either the short or long walk on Bog Boardwalk. The long route is around 3,4 km long with an opportunity to climb an observation platform. From the platform you iwill see the whole bog from the above. The short route will be around 1,4 km through the bog. You will see plant of sundew, and a variety of birds – wood sandpipers, white wagtails, tree pipits, and also hear cranes further away. The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk has become a popular place with photographers of sunrise and sunset scenes in Latvia, regardless of the season or weather. You can adjust your travel time in special notes when booking, we are flexible and can take you there for a sunrise or sunset as well!

After the walk in the next stop would be  at Kemeri, a well-known mineral water resort since the 19th century. A nearby hotel is an architectural monument of interest too.

Today in our plans is to visit the fishermen, offering their fish smoked, traditionally served meal in Latvia. Here you will have an opportunity to purchase freshly smoked fish of your choice.

Day tour Nr.6.
Art Nouveau Tour of Riga’s fantastic Architectur

Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil, heavily influenced Riga’s architecture in the early 1900’s. No other city can boast such a variety of exquisite examples from this amazing movement. Riga has been crowned one of the best cities in Europe to visit for its diverse range of Art Nouveau. Join us & you’ll truly understand why.

We’ll show you our most famous ‘Art Nouveau District’ but we feel this does not do Riga’s history justice, there is so much more out there, into central Riga to explore some of the more obscure examples Riga has to offer. And that we’ll leave for your next visit!
At the beginning of the 20th century Riga was at its peak, rich merchants were showing off their power and wealth and the city was expanding at an alarming rate. The result was a phenomenal building boom that coincided with a growth of the Art Nouveau style across the world. So, join us and see what made Riga so special during this period. The Art Nouveau Museum is a great addition to this tour and a great way to finish off this nice walk.

After lunch our guide will introduce you to districts you may not have known were there, allowing you to experience Riga beyond the tourist traps. Get to know the city on our alternative walking tour and discover Riga from different perspective. See the real Riga!

Day tour Nr. 7.
Wooden castle and nature park

Early morning departure from Riga.
Wooden castle of Tērvete – this is the largest exhibition in the Baltic States to feature the Semigalian material culture during the Iron Age.  There is a wealth of ornamentations, weapons and household objects, including the largest collection of swords in the Baltic States.  The exhibition is housed in the rebuilt defensive rooms of the wooden castle of  Tērvete which existed here in the 12th century.

Walking in the Tērvete nature park- is a unique natural site – it is home to 72 endangered plants that grow in the wild throughout the park. This area is also a safe haven for many other forms of wildlife such as birds, reptiles and amphibians. Tērvete Nature Park is the best and friendliest place for families with children and for those who can look at the world through a child’s eyes, rejoicing at the interplay of nature and fairytales.  This place will also make an impression on those who admire the mightiness of the ancient Zemgalians. These evoke associations to modern generations when climbing up to three ancient caste mounds.

Day 9.  Departure day.


The Baltic countries – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have everything for the perfect holidays – you only need to know what to choose! The Baltics offer you a variety of holiday options – with sportive activities, art and culture programs, calm eco wellness holidays and different gourmet weekends.

Indulge in the fascination that Latvia has to offer, like the opportunity to begin a day carelessly resting on the beach and end it with an opera show in the evening. Supplementing everything with a fine dining meal from fresh local products.

The charms of Latvia’s small towns and peaceful landscapes will appease those looking for a more relaxed and open getaway.

In the Baltic countryside, you can enjoy a holiday free of stress for self-care, a relaxing getaway or just a nice relaxing weekend stay with the family.

Any holiday option in the Baltics will let you experience unforgettable emotions!

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